My Hispanic upbringing emphasized the significance of dining rituals, hospitality, family, and food in the home. Although the kitchen was the most important room in the house, there was no value for ceramic objects. We ate on disposable paper plates and drank from plastic cups. Consequently I feel compelled to make functional works that enrich the experiences I grew up with at the table.

By working with red earthenware clay, my highly decorated dishes accentuate utility and accessibility. The decorative motifs reference my Panamanian culture that roots from my time as a folklore dancer. For fifteen years I advocated this culture through dance and performance wearing the traditional folk costume- the Pollera. Although I haven’t performed for several years, the highly ornamented costume continues to fascinate me. From it I translate the bright colors, jewelry, and intricately stitched designs onto the surfaces of my work. In doing so, these functional vessels allow me to communicate aspects of my culturally rich heritage.